Press release 25.10.22

Lorch press kit EuroBlech 2022

“It's only smart when it enhances your future” –
Lorch Schweißtechnik at EuroBlech 2022.


  • Lorch Cobot Welding Solutions
  • New helmet series APR 900
  • New R series
  • New Lorch LMS performance torches
  • MicorMIG series
  • Lorch Connect 

Lorch Cobot Welding Solutions

myCobot modules by Lorch for complete custom solutions

Free selection of components, new functions, and an even higher-performing Cobot: Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH is enforcing its successful product offering in collaborative robot welding. Companies are now able to customise their own Cobot solution by a flexible modular principle. Continuous upgrade possibilities allow the customer to further adapt their system for future challenges.

New helmet series APR 900

A new generation of auto darkening filters by Lorch is setting standards

Lorch welding technology considerably improves everyday work for welders with a new generation of auto darkening filters that combine modern design with innovative technology. The auto darkening filters for fatigue-free welding are available in four different versions: from the APR 900 standard helmet to the APR 900 XF with divisible visor and innovative versions with fresh air supply.

New R series

The perfect entrance model for everyone who just wants to start welding

Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH brings state-of-the-art inverter technology, combined with a highly robust housing and simple operation, to the workshop with its new R series. Inverter welding units consume much less energy, thereby clearly making an important contribution to resource protection. According to the “Plug and Play” principle, they also offer a simple entrance into MIG-MAG welding for less experienced welders.

New Lorch LMS performance torches

Welding in the top class with the new LMS torches by Lorch

A torch in a pioneering ergonomic shape with many technical innovations allows top-class welding in future. The new Lorch torch has been uncompromisingly developed for increased productivity and low wear to preserve resources.

MicorMIG series

The MicorMIG series by Lorch is the perfect all-rounder for companies

Greater efficiency, maximal flexibility, protection of resources: Companies are facing great challenges in product manufacture today. The MicorMIG series by Lorch Schweißtechnik gives them an inverter to offer solutions to many different requirements. Robust, easy to operate, suitable for all common materials, and innovative with NFC technology, this all-rounder offers great added value whilst remaining futureproof, in particular for small and medium-sized companies.

Lorch Connect

Lorch Connect offers an easy entry into the world of digitally unified welding

Never before has it been this easy to make welding production fully transparent. Lorch Connect now enables companies to track every detail of their productivity and their processes in welding production. The focus linked to the key performance indicators (KPIs) and features of Lorch Connect is placed on the welding times, the cost incurred for each weld seam and the documentation of relevant parameters. All that without the need for an extensive IT installation or large investment sums.