News 24.03.22

Situation and handling of the delivery bottlenecks at Lorch.

The effects of the Corona pandemic present us all with unexpected challenges that need to be overcome. Like many other companies, we are affected by availability problems of important components, forcing us to act quickly where possible.

Whereas the effects of the pandemic were initially limited mainly to price increases and longer delivery times, supply chains in many sectors are now further disrupted on a massive scale. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to procure important components in order to be able to continue production.

More and more often Lorch has to postpone already confirmed delivery dates due to the disrupted supply chains and has to pass on this bad news to its partners and customers.

Semiconductor crisis as a central problem.

Like the car industry, we are also affected by the semiconductor crisis.

Often, no reliable statements can be made by suppliers regarding delivery dates, or they amount to such a long period of time that alternatives have to be sought. But these must first be found and qualified before they can be used. This also takes time, which is urgently needed for this necessary intermediate step in order to be able to offer our customers the usual good quality.

Our handling of the crisis.

This difficult time, which will continue to accompany us in the course of this year, demands a targeted approach to finding solutions. And this is exactly our response to the challenge we are facing. We continue to try to source the scarce semiconductor components on the world market and qualify alternative components to minimise the impact of the shortage for you. We are working closely with our suppliers in the search for alternatives. However, as the search takes some time, we recommend that you contact us with your requirements at an early stage so that we can ensure delivery capability in this way.