V 40
Heavy-Duty TIG-lassen voor professionals.
  • Bedieningsconcepten: V-standaard
  • 3 – 400 A
  • ED 60 % bij 40°C: 400 A
  • DC- en AC/DC-versie beschikbaar
V 40

Stable arc – at DC and AC.

The V 40 is available as a DC and AC/DC version on any performance output level. The V 40 stands out particularly with its highly stable arc. The arc shape is optimised for excellent cleaning effect of the aluminium oxide layer and for reduced noise alike when welding with AC. The AC/DC version has an automatic cap shaping function as well. Its square-wave current gives the V 40 additional boost and greatest arc stability when welding aluminium.

The V 40 housing is robust and secure.

The high-end technology inside the V 40 is protected by a robust industrial metal housing that is ideal for outdoor use. The fully resilient handles allow suspension of the power source from the crane and hold the welding cables. The double gas cylinder safety device maximises safety within the production environment.

Pulsing and fast pulsing at up to 20 kHz.

The integrated pulse and fast pulse function at up to 20 kHz is particularly suitable for welding thin sheets. It also permits outstanding weld pool control for perfect results even with difficult welding tasks.

Energy efficiency at full power.

The integrated stand-by function ensures turns individual components on and off automatically. The Thermocontrol sensors monitor system temperature and adjust the fan as required to reduce fan noise, dust load inside the machine, and power consumption.

Optimal parameters with the SmartBase.

SmartBase technology guarantees a perfect arc matching your chosen electrode diameter with welding parameters, ignition, and working range automatically adjusted and optimised. The arc can be fine-tuned individually for best freedom and to warrant welding with the optimum arc.

Country-specific product variants.

Country-specific product variants are available for this Lorch welding unit. These may differ in the mains supply, the mains plug or other product features required for the country. You want to know more? Contact your local Lorch partner.

Technische gegevens

TIG lassen
Lasbereik 3~ 400 V [A] 3 - 400
TIG inschakelduur AC 400 V
Inschakelduur AC 100% (40°c): [A] 360
Inschakelduur AC 60% (40°c): [A] 400
Inschakelduur AC max. lasstroom (40°c): [%] 60
TIG inschakelduur DC 400 V
Inschakelduur DC 100% (40°c): [A] 360
Inschakelduur DC 60% (40°c): [A] 400
Inschakelduur DC max. lasstroom (40°c): [%] 60
Lasbereik 400 V: [A] 20 - 300
Lasbare elektroden: [Ø in mm] 1,5 - 6
Elektrode inschakelduur
Inschakelduur max. lasstroom (40°c): [%] 100
Proces-onafhankelijke gegevens
Stationaire spanning: [V] 43 - 100
Voeding 400 V
Netspanning 3~ (50/60 Hz): [V] 400
Netbeveiliging 3~ (50/60 Hz): [A] 32
Positieve net tolerantie 3~ (50/60 Hz): [%] 15
Negatieve net tolerantie 3~ (50/60 Hz): [%] 15
Netstekker: CEE 32
Normen en goedkeuringen
Beschermingsgraad: IP23S
Klasse isolatiemateriaal: F
Norm/Standaard: EN 60974-01
Aanduiding/certificatie: CE, S
Koeltype: Gasgekoeld , Watergekoeld
Norm koelvermogen (l/min): [kW] 1,1
Inhoud van de tank: [l] 4,3
Afmetingen Lengte x breedte x hoogte
Afmetingen (lxbxh): [mm] 1.130 × 450 × 860
Gewicht: [kg] 121,5
Gewicht waterkoeling (gevuld): [kg] 14,7


  • "3 stappen en lassen"-bedieningsconcept
  • Gemakkelijke eenknopsbediening
  • Traploze stroominstelling
  • Digitale volt-ampère weergave                                                                                           
  • Grafisch OLED-scherm met taalselectie
  • Gebruikersgerichte bediening via verlichte symbolen en regeling lasproces
  • Tiptronic-taakgeheugen voor 100 lastaken

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