SWIP is always exactly where you are.

A good welding solution requires, first and foremost, brains - and a healthy portion of Lorch technology.

Lorch has developed SWIP – Smart Welding for Industry and Production. An intelligent and holistic approach that gives you the right tool to make the most of every metre of your weld seam and, thus, of your value creation chain. SWIP is right for you if you require even more than what one of the best welding systems in the world can deliver.

SWIP allows us to ensure - in cooperation with you - that you will always produce smart welding results that convince both your customers and your welding supervisor as well as your purchasing and controlling department. This is our core driver.


Good ideas do not just come from any old place, but from Lorch.

Do you have plans for a large-scale project, something highly complex, or are you simply after continued and long-lasting success?

Boasting a team of international experienced experts, Lorch will be in your corner - long before you pick up a torch or even the money necessary to buy the torch.

  • Analysis of your existing welding processes
  • Advice and support throughout the process of optimising your welding processes
  • Development of automation concepts
  • Optimisation of your equipment pool
  • Concepts devised to shorten downtimes
  • Service and wear part concepts
  • Material consulting and expertise
  • and much more


Everything that is possible - and, sometimes, even a little more

The attendants of our Lorch Application Centres (LAC) weld until the cows come home. The cutting-edge systems and developments available at these centres create the perfect environment for testing under real-world conditions, for perfecting welding skills and for developing the welding processes of the future.

The material tests conducted at the centres are performed under industry conditions and intended to yield improved welding processes, which we develop in close cooperation with our customers on the welding systems.

  • Inspection of constructions under welding aspects
  • Engineering of customised welding processes
  • Feasibility studies
  • Development of parameters
  • Process optimisation
  • non-destructive material testing
  • Sample and prototype welding
  • Process implementation
  • Welding tests
  • Application consultation
  • Analysis of welding results
  • Creation of grinding cuts
  • and much more


For lone fighters and mass producers

Every investment in smart welding technology engineered by Lorch will give you the safe feeling of having increased the efficiency of your production. This is because every Lorch system always adapts to your specific requirements – without making any sacrifices.

A welding system is made up of as many as 1,774 individual parts, and we will place our hand under the torch as a sign of our guarantee that each and every one of these parts satisfies the highest standards. It simply has to be like that, seeing as a Lorch welding unit is not available at a discount price. In return for the higher upfront cost, you can rest assured that every power source sold by Lorch is made in Germany. Better still, if you hit any snags, we will personally tackle the problem on your premises to ensure that your team will be up and welding again as fast as possible, or we will take your system directly to Auenwald to service it at our spare parts and service centre.

Finally, it goes without saying that Lorch also carries a comprehensive range of matching accessories that are made with the quality customers have come to expect from Lorch – from torches to personal protective equipment.

  • Welding systems for industrial applications
  • free customised configurations
  • intuitive operating concepts for all systems
  • Installation of automation solutions
  • Ready-to-Robot systems
  • Commissioning & on-site service
  • 3-year industrial warranty
  • 10-year warranty of spare parts
  • Speed processes
  • Measurement of energy efficiency
  • Test equipment
  • Software upgrades
  • On-call production support for immediate assistance
  • Leasing and financing offers
  • Quality management systems
  • and much more


Perfection is a matter of conviction

To us, the assurance that we deliver welding processes of superior quality is not an advertising claim, but a question of honour and decency.

This is why we take care to fine-tune all components, processes and procedures already at our factory to ensure that they are perfectly suited for your applications. We choose this painstaking approach because we know that you will not be able to mass produce at sustained excellence unless you receive equipment of impeccable quality.

  • User profiles with individual access rights
  • Job parameters for individual welding settings
  • Calibration service and Accident Prevention Regulation testing
  • Help desk
  • Q-Sys online process monitoring
  • Q-Data welding data documentation
  • Certification support
  • and much more


It takes a knowledgeable man to be a smart welder.

By the sweat of our brows we have been collecting all there is to know about welding for 50 years. And since we keep evolving in the same way as our systems and processes, we keep piling on additional knowledge.

Lorch's Smart Training offers you knowledge that you can benefit from in your day-to-day operations – without ever being dull or boring. The Lorch Academy offers advanced training programs for both newbies and seasoned welders.

  • Product training classes
  • Introductory and practical training on site
  • Product-supporting process training at the Lorch Academy
  • Tailor-made training programs for qualified personnel
  • Lorch Application Centre (LAC)
  • and much more


Switch to SWIP

Lorch is right at home wherever a company's ability to compete hinges on the weld seam. We are also anywhere where welding operations are intended to be rewarded with hard cash. With SWIP, we have developed a smart approach that allows you to stay in full control of all singular welding challenges you may encounter along your value creation chain. You need this type of smart approach because every seam is slightly different and every job requires a sparking idea. Let us light your fire and turn your arc into the linchpin of your financial success.

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