Lorch TwinPuls XT

Really looks fantastic.

Picture-perfect seams at maximum speed.

TwinPuls XT specifically controls and separates the heating and cooling phases. What does that mean to you? You benefit from a cosmetically pleasing weld seam, with significantly lower and more controlled heat input into the workpiece. The better heat control, can result in much lower distortion, resulting in notably less rework. What is more, the isolation of the different phases makes positional welding much easier.

TIG look with MIG-MAG speed

Real-world applications that commonly used to be completed by TIG welding can now be welded with MIG-MAG processes thanks to the ground-breaking capabilities of the new and improved TwinPuls XT. Welding is now simply faster and more efficient. Producing no cold starts or end craters whatsoever, Twin-Puls XT achieves perfect results that even stand up to TIG seams. There is one end to everything, except when you talk about weld seams. They have not one but two ends and both look astounding thanks to TwinPuls XT.

Good, but that’s not quick enough for us.

True enough, TwinPuls is ideal for processing aluminium, and in practice is also of great benefit in processing CrNi materials. But now we have upped the ante, and that’s with a big increase in productivity. Thanks to the combination of TwinPuls with the SpeedPulse process patented by Lorch, you now increase the welding performance from TwinPuls XT.

The TwinPuls XT process is included as a standard feature in all S-SpeedPulse XT machines. The S-Pulse XT can be complemented with the TwinPuls XT by updating the SpeedPulse XT process. 

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