The MobilePower battery pack.Your declaration of independence.

Full power wherever you need it.

The first thing you check whenever you start a welding job at a new job site is the location of the power outlet. If you’d always spot it "just over there", things would be easy. Often, however, you have to go on a quest for it first, before rolling out long cables or even lugging in a generator. Who has never dreamed of a battery-powered welding unit before?! You know that you have!

Your dream is finally made true with our Accu-ready welding units and the MobilePower battery pack. Take them with you anywhere. They offer power for up to 25 electrodes or for almost half an hour of TIG arc. The statistics prove that this will get you through 86% of all installation jobs, no matter if they are in maintenance, railing, or pipeline construction. For the rest, all you need to do is bring a second battery or recharge the one you have in less than three hours.

Ready for the future of mobile welding? Our MicorStick and MicorTIG welding inverters certainly are. The precise models are listed below.

100% mobile. Pure efficiency!

Creating an arc takes enormous amounts of energy. Lorch MobilePower can supply this easily. This much power at hand makes you independent from the local network conditions. Not only will it save you great effort, but it also makes you incredibly efficient. Be on your way to the next construction site already while others are still unpacking their extension cables.

By the way: When you get to a place with a power outlet at hand, you can switch back to mains operation with a single flick of your wrist. The battery can then be used with another welding unit, for example. The flexible exchange system makes this easy. We like to think beyond the closest outlet.

Way out, way up, way down.

There are virtually no limits to the potential applications, no matter if you are a metal or steel construction company at the construction site or in other sectors, e.g. in tunnel, road, or bridge construction, forestry or railing construction. It doesn’t matter if you are laying pipes or maintaining pipelines. Our MobilePower can also be a literal lifesaver in the German Armed Forces and in THW operations.

Greatest flexibility.

MobilePower lets you use your MicorStick and MicorTIG just as you like.

EasyGo 2

  • System and battery virtually stacked
  • Carrying handle and connecting element
  • Practical handling

EasyGo 3


  • System and battery side by side
  • A perfect grip on the double pack.
  • For compact transport



  • Take the system and battery along with you anywhere
  • The welders’ backpack
  • with MobilePower Remote

The dream team: Accu-ready devices + MobilePower.

Weld on the regular mains or using the unique Lorch battery! Choose to your liking.

Simply insert the battery when you need it. Use a single battery with different devices. – No matter whether it is an electrode inverter or TIG system. Take the battery along to the construction site where you need it. Stay ready for action with multiple batteries: Weld with one while the other is charging.

Full battery power in the following Lorch series