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Lorch Press Service

This section holds all of our press releases as well as extensive photo material about the latest innovations, products and processes devised by Lorch.

Press information

MicorMIG Pulse: the new series by Lorch Schweißtechnik offers the optimal entry into the world of pulse welding

A pioneer in the field of MIG-MAG pulse technology, Lorch Schweißtechnik offers companies operating in industry and metal working a perfect jumping-off point into the world of low-spatter MIG-MAG pulse welding with their brand-new series MicorMIG Pulse. These new machines are guaranteed to produce weld seams of top-notch quality even in the difficult transition arc range. Lorch is unveiling the MicorMIG Pulse along with the new generation of their MicorMIG machines at the world’s leading trade fair SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN in Düsseldorf between September 25th and 29th

Press information 25.09.2017

Lorch TRAC RL Performance: The new standard for welding carriages

Whether used for MIG-MAG or for TIG applications: the track-guided high-end welding carriage Lorch TRAC RL Performance shows what smart welding truly means today. Boasting optimised seam tracking, programmable welding sequences, all-encompassing welding data documentation and a host of other features, the Lorch TRAC RL Performance offers superior flexibility and efficiency. Come and experience this new welding carriage for yourself at the world’s leading trade fair SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017 in Düsseldorf.

Press information 25.09.2017

Top-notch productivity and quality thanks to automation solutions engineered by Lorch

Lorch will use the Euroblech 2016 as a platform to showcase their latest automated welding technology in the field of Lorch Automation Solutions. This highly advanced equipment will allow welders to speed up their production flow and make it more efficient while producing welds of superior quality. Lorch will also be taking the wraps off their new line of turntables named Lorch Turn IC as well as their pre-engineered roundseam solutions Lorch Roundseam. Furthermore, visitors will be given a chance to experience the power and precision of the family of Lorch welding carriages for themselves at the Lorch booth.

Press information 25.10.2016

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Lorch's welding data documentation systems Q-Data and Q-Sys 2020

Documentation, quality testing and welding process monitoring have come to assume pivotal roles in the world of welding technology. This should come as no surprise seeing as weld seams are often subjected to enormous pressure and extreme temperatures while still expected to satisfy the strictest safety standards. Accomplishing these tasks in fully automatic fashion, the latest welding data documentation systems Q-Data and the high-end solution Q-Sys 2020 engineered by Lorch turn the laborious and manual chore of documentation and quality testing into a smooth and effortless process.

Press information 25.10.2016

Picture 1

Experience smart industrial solutions from Lorch live at Euroblech

Advertising with the motto "smart welding", Lorch is bringing its application centre directly to the trade fair booth at this year's Euroblech fair in Hannover. Visitors can experience the latest welding technology solutions from Lorch live at the 160 sqm booth, just as they would at the Auenwald and Bottrop locations, and enjoy an up-close and personal look of what this new technology can do for them. The focus is on smart industrial solutions that have been designed specifically for the areas of manual welding and automation.

Press information 25.10.2016

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Lorch Schweißtechnik strengthens management team

Die Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH, one of the foremost manufacturers of arc welding machines, is adding a new member to their management team to bolster their strategy for continuous growth. Ronald Weber (47) joined our management team as head of sales and marketing on March 1, 2016. Holding a Master's in Business Management, Mr. Weber has garnered long years of experience in senior positions in industry and commerce and will be aiding Managing Director and owner Wolfgang Grüb.

Press information 14.04.2016

Picture 1

Lorch's new T-series

As a TIG welding specialist, Lorch Schweißtechnik managed to optimise their versatile T-series, the all-rounder among TIG welding machines, yet again. Connect your power source to the water cooling unit and start welding: The direct cooling unit interface incorporated into the T-series by Lorch and the new cooling units WUK 7 and WUK 7 Plus afford the welder even greater ease of use.

Press information 29.03.2016

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Lorch's new S-series

Thanks to a host of new powerful add-ons, the S-series engineered by Lorch is taking MIG-MAG welding to a whole new level of excellence. Lorch's flagship product now boasts a new patented control technology named SpeedPulse XT that is combined with variable arc length control and a dynamic control, which allows for a type of pulse welding that produces highly individual results with next to no spatter. Lorch's latest S-series offers MIG-MAG welding performance that is second to none.

Press information 18.02.2016 

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Panel discussion of free trade agreement TTIP at Lorch

Never before has a free trade agreement caused as much dispute and controversy as the proposed "Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership" (TTIP) between the European Union and United States. The participants attending an event held on the premises of Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH and organised by Wirtschaftsjunioren (Young Business Professionals) Rems-Murr e.V. were given an opportunity to discuss the benefits, risks and effects of TTIP with a panel of highly distinguished experts.

Press Information 11.12.2015

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SWIP – Lorch's Philosophy

Under the moniker SWIP – Smart Welding for Industry and Production – Lorch will soon offer customers a comprehensive range of services along the entire value creation chain that afford them the professional advice and support they need for all of their welding tasks. Apart from first-rate welding machines that have received multiple awards, Lorch offers customers know-how that stretches from planning, process implementation, and production to quality assurance and gives their productivity another major boost.

Press information 03.11.2015

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Lorch continues to expand their automation portfolio

At Schweisstec 2015, Lorch will be showing off a new technological highlight which will become the new gem in their range of Lorch Automation Solutions (LAS) and for which mass production will start in 2016: a recently developed welding machine for longitudinal and round seams on pipes and containers which is also capable of spiral welding.

Press Information 03.11.2015

Picture 1  

New sales office West dedicated

Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH joined with the Hild-Löbbecke Group to celebrate the dedication of their new sales office West with adjoining application and competence centre at an opening ceremony in Bottrop-Kirchhellen. The new facility will serve the region by sharing the company's unsurpassed expertise in the area of welding technology.

Press Information 28.09.2015

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Lorch at the Schweisstec 2015

The presentation of Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH at the 2015 Schweisstec fair in Stuttgart focuses on automation, a new welding machine for longitudinal and round seams and an overview of the latest generation of Micor inverter technology products and their intuitive operating concepts. Promoting their products with their new corporate claim Welding solutions for the world´s smartest companies, Lorch demonstrates how welders can give their welding performance another significant boost by applying innovative techniques and solutions.

Press Information 10.09.2015

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New welding carriages from Lorch

The use of automated welding technology not only expands the technical capabilities, but also increases the quality of the welding results and helps to save wage and material costs. In this respect Lorch offers a comprehensive new solution that enables especially mid-sized industrial enterprises to implement welding tasks in a highly cost-effective and efficient manner. Lorch bundles its automation activities in Lorch Automation Solutions (LAS). The products offered by LAS now include a new family of welding carriages that are ideal for long, continuous weld seams.

Press information 19.08.2015

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Lorch donates welding equipment to Amman and Kyrgyzstan

Aside from selling cutting-edge welding technology in more than 60 countries across the globe, Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH also lends a helping hand to many individuals and organizations world-wide by supplying them with technical equipment. Examples of this devotion are a refugee camp in Amman and an educational facility in Kyrgyzstan, who each received a welding machine from Lorch.

Press information 14.07.2015

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Digital job cards from Lorch

packed with cutting-edge NFC radio technology, the job cards devised by Lorch Schweißtechnik allow the welder not only to quickly enter the welding parameters he needs but also offer an entirely new and efficient approach to quality control. These NFC cards hold 23 of the most vital welding jobs, consolidated by Lorch in a dedicated booklet and pre-configured to match the WPS (Welding Procedure Specifications) as well as the EN 1090.

Press information 03.06.2015

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MicorMIG also available as power variant with up to 500 amperes

"Just switch it on and produce first-rate welding results", that is how Lorch's latest generation of MicorMIG inverters can be described in a nutshell. The stellar quality the units produce is universal - whether you weld on steel, stainless steel or aluminium, process thick or thin sheets or use mixed gas or CO2. Lorch is now, in May of 2015, taking these machines to the next level of performance by launching a new 500 ampere variant.

Press information 27.04.2015

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Lorch Schweißtechnik introduces a new line of torches

Designed to fit perfectly in your hand and boasting an optimised operating panel, these new machines will never lose their cool - even at 550 amperes: the new line of MIG-MAG torches engineered by Lorch Schweißtechnik leaves nothing to be desired and offers the user workplace safety and efficiency at the most advanced stage. Stepping into the shoes of their already exceptionally powerful predecessors, these new machines offer improvements in every detail - especially in terms of ergonomics and performance. Marrying design and function in the most seamless way, these new machines produce the best work results possible.

Press information 03.03.2015

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