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Lorch Press Service

This section holds all of our press releases as well as extensive photo material about the latest innovations, products and processes devised by Lorch.

Weld flux-cored wire efficiently with Lorch Speed processes

Lorch offers new, innovative flux-cored wire packages for the SpeedArc, SpeedArc XT and SpeedUp processes that accelerate welding with rutile and metal-cored wire and significantly improve efficiency. As a result the customer can weld up to 30 per cent more quickly in combination with a Lorch system. 

New fume extractor torches from Lorch protect welders’ health

Lorch’s inception of their cutting-edge Speed welding processes has already made a significant contribution with the reduction of welding fume. However, a certain amount of fume cannot be avoided during welding. Realising this fact, Lorch Schweißtechnik is now unveiling their latest line of fume extractor torches. It enables the health of welders to be protected and offers companies a solution to the increasingly stringent limits for alveolar dust (A dust). The new torches set themselves apart with their compact design, highly efficient fume extraction and excellent welding performance. 

Breaking ground for a new hall

Lorch Schweißtechnik is expanding the capacity of their operations at the Auenwald headquarters in Germany. Attended by Auenwald mayor Karl Ostfalk, the official ground-breaking ceremony was held recently to kick off the construction of a new hall. The goal behind this enlargement is to both streamline the logistics process of the company and to establish a more direct link to the service centre next door, which the company moved into only a short while ago. 

Work with maximum power and flexibility: The mobile MicorTIG 200 electrifies TIG welders

The portable TIG welding inverter MicorTIG 200 engineered by Lorch Schweißtechnik has repeatedly demonstrated its impressive performance capabilities in the real world. Users of the new mobile TIG power package appreciate not only its incomparable versatility during industrial use and use at the construction site but also its intuitive control as well as its excellent ignition and welding characteristics. 

Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH announces the establishment of the new subsidiary Lorch South Pacific Pty. Ltd.

Lorch Schweißtechnik has had a long and successful history of welding equipment sales in the South Pacific region (Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands) under private branding arrangements. The establishment of the new subsidiary, Lorch South Pacific Pty. Ltd. is in line with the company’s strategic geographic expansion plans. The subsidiary opens up the region to the full Lorch product portfolio and establishes a long-term commitment to distribution partners and end-user customers.

Real-time capable data documentation guarantees short development time

Scheduled for market launch at the end of 2018, the e.GO Life is a compact electric city car that was created at the RWTH Aachen Campus using highly iterative and agile development and production methods. As a technology partner since the development phase of the project, Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH offers innovative, fully digital welding processes designed for seamless integration in Industry 4.0 environments, therefore ensuring reliable information availability as a prerequisite for a modern development and production environment. 

Press archive



MicorTIG 200: maximum flexibility and mobility during TIG welding

Press release Picture


MicorMIG Pulse: the new series by Lorch Schweißtechnik offers the optimal entry into the world of pulse welding

Press release Picture


Lorch TRAC RL Performance: The new standard for welding carriages

Press release Picture


Lorch Application Centre (LAC) under new management

Press release Picture 1 Picture 2


Welding vertical seams with perfect precision and speed with Lorch's SpeedUp and welding tractors

Press release Picture 1 Picture 2



Top-notch productivity and quality thanks to automation solutions engineered by Lorch

Press release Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3


Be on the safe side with Lorch's welding data documentation systems Q-Data and Q-Sys 2020

Press release Picture 1


Experience smart industrial solutions from Lorch live at Euroblech

Press release Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3


Lorch Schweißtechnik strengthens management team

Press release Picture 1


Lorch's new S-series delivers MIG-MAG pulse welding performance that is in a class of its own

Press release Bild 1 Picture 2



Panel discussion of free trade agreement TTIP at Lorch

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Lorch continues to expand their automation portfolio with the new Roundseam Topslider

Press release Picture 1


SWIP – Lorch's Philosophy

Press release Picture 1


New sales office West dedicated

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Lorch showcasing innovative automation technology, a new welding machine for longitudinal and round seams and optimised inverter technology at the 2015 Schweisstec

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Increased performance with the new welding carriages from Lorch

Press release Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3


Lorch donates welding equipment to Amman and Kyrgyzstan

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Digital job cards offer a sizable advantage in day-to-day welding management operations

Press release Picture 1 Picture 2


MicorMIG series scores high marks in versatility and suitability for the future.

Press release
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New line of innovative torches

Press release
Picture 1 Picture 2


Maxi Trolley: Lorch's ultimate transport trolley for welding jobs in the field   

Press release
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MIG-MAG Inverter-Power

Press release Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3


Wire feeder case MF-08

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